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Chris Brown “Deuces” [Official Video]

I’m probably the realest person you know or have yet to meet. Fake, dishonest, wishy washy people rub me the wrong way and its nothin for me to throw you the deuces….

“All that bs is for the birds. You aint nothing but a vulture…. Always hopin for the worst…waiting for me to eff up”

Shoutout to radio in ATL for finally playing CB’s music again….haters…


Usher “There Goes My Baby” [Official Video]

As a fan I had kinda fallen out with Usher on the “Here I Stand” LP…but this track leaked quite a while ago and I instantly fell back in love…shout out to Rico Love for writing such an awesome song!

LOVE the part where he does the pull up to kiss her on the roof. MAJOR props to the casting director for selecting the gorgeous Eritrean model as the lead!

Songs I Love: Never Shout Never “Can’t Stand It”

To say I have an eclectic taste in music is an understatement. Today while watching Taking the Stage (my guilty pleasure…I’m from Ohio) I heard this song which I instantly fell in LOVE WITH…


I love the handclap fingersnap thing 🙂

Weird Stuff I Find Funny: Air Sex

This is from the 2009 Air Sex Championship in Atlanta

Team Chocolate: Supermodel Jessica White

If I didn’t love Trey Songz enough…he went ahead and put a lovely member of #teamchocolate in his video for “Neighbors Know My Name”…none other than SuperModel Jessica White!

I love love love this lady! I think she is absolutely gorgeous and I’m so glad a chocolate lady is making major moves in the industry right now! Get it Ms. White!

New Video: Chester French: Ciroc Star

My Absolute FAVORITE guys from Harvard finally released a video for Ciroc Star off their Jacques Jams Mixtape released last year with Clinton Sparks!

As a Ciroc connoisseur myself I can appreciate the nuances and lifestyle associated with this premium vodka!

If you don’t have their album Love the Future PLEASE QUESTION YOUR LIFE DECISIONS…GO HERE AND BUY IT NOW!!

…shout out to DA and Max who were so cool when they came through Cleveland with Lady Sovereign!
Also check out the Chester French website and join the mailing list for cool free stuff and updates on the band!

PS…Dear “Budget Powers That Be,” Please let Chester French make a video for Nerd Girl ft Janelle Monae… thank you 🙂

Hype Williams: I Miss You

Belly has to be one of the most loved..yet most consistently hated on movies of all time (I’m talking about among black people and those random non-blacks that only have black friends)

Tell me this wasn’t the ILLEST intro of a movie EVER!!!!

Dear Hype, I miss you, quality music videos miss you…please come back