Fashionista: Anna from #TakingTheStage

Speaking of taking the stage, my fav cast member is Anna F.

She reminds me so much of my friend Casey from high school. Anyway I stumbled upon her fashion blog today. I absolutely love her style. She has a great eye for fashion to be so young!

Here are a few of my favorites from her posts

Both Silver Necklaces: Goodwill
Heart Pendent Necklace: gift from someone sweet šŸ™‚
Silver Bangles: Forever 21
Green Studded Belt: Goodwill
Cream Beaded Sweater: Forever 21
Navy Silk Button Down Jumper: Forever21
Maroon Velvet Leggings: Forever21
Cream Socks: Forever 21
Black Lace and Fringed Cowbow Boots: Edies Vintage Rose Room

Black thermal dress: MODA prima
Cream/Peach chocker: Vintage
Flower necklace (used as bracelet): Charlot Russe
Purple stone wrist cuff: Indain shop outside the Hilton (sorry dont remember the name and it has most upsettingly shut down)

What I love most about these are that they are trendy yet unique and don’t cost a ton. I love how she really dressed up the thermal dress with the cuff and the flower necklace.

Check Out Her Blog Here: Perfectly Imperfect

And don’t forget to catch her on this Season of MTV’s “Taking the Stage”


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