Men with Emotional Baggage…

Men with emotional baggage are worst than women. Namely because it takes men one maybe at best two instances to really fall for a girl and it not work out for him to punish every subsequent woman they come into contact with. Women can get hurt over and over again and still fall head over heels over and over again. I subsisted in a relationship for over a year with someone that could not move past his past and I realize in retrospect my most recent relationship was destined for disaster because he could not separate me from his ex and was constantly “holding his breath” in anticipation that I would treat him the way his ex did. I went into these situations well aware of the baggage but thought if I proved myself different if I really put my heart and soul into the person that it would work.

But the catch is…there is NOTHING I could do to get rid of their baggage…they had to decide for themselves to put the emotional load down….that wasn’t my burden to bear and never again will I embark on trying to build anything with someone who is burdened with baggage.

Take the bad experiences of the past and learn and grow from them…don’t take the bad bag it up and beat up and punish your present relationship with it….

One day all them bags gon get in your way….you gon miss your bus…


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