“What More Can I Say? What More Can I Do?”- Jay-z

Hitting the last days of studying…so nervous..anxious…a whole lifetime of preparation…studying..long nights..tears…money…comes down to a 14hr test 5 days from now….

So I’m closing my self off from everyone…burying what last info I can into my brain and giving it to God…

What more can I say? What more can I do?

I ain’t never scared
I’m everywhere
You ain’t never there
Nigga why would i ever care
Pound for pound I’m the best to ever come around here
Excluding nobody
Look what i embody
The soul of a hustler i really ran the street
I CEO’s mine
That marketing plan was me
And no i ain’t get shot up a whole bunch of times
Or make up shit in a whole bunch of lines
And i ain’t animated, like say a, Busta Rhymes
But the real shit you get when you bust down my lines
Add that to the fact i went plat a bunch of times
Times that by my influence
On pop culture
I supposed to be number one on everybody’s list
We’ll see what happens when i no longer exist
…..Fuck this


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