Design of a Decade (A Happy New Years Post)

If I had to pick a definitive song that described my decade it would be Janet Jackson Control (released in 1986 which is the decade referred to in her “Design of a Decade” album). My parents definitely had “the fear” in me and controlled most of what I thought and did. As I leave this decade I realize that this decade I gained control of my life in every aspect.

In the words of Janet: “I’m on my own. I call the shots!”

I can’t believe that an entire decade has passed in the new millennium. I’ve been blessed with so much this decade I thought I would do a little personal decade in review.
In the past 10 years I have:
• Graduated from High School
• Graduated from College
• Graduated from Law School
• Started an Employment Readiness Program for the Homeless
• Lived in China
• Established International protocol for Criminal Liability in Mass Starvation and Denial of Medical
Services (if interested.. you can read my article on it here)
• Started my own Management Firm
• And much more….

To say I’m blessed would be an understatement which is why I am choosing to celebrate my New Year at Night Watch Service.

Happy New Years to you and yours. I’m beyond excited about the year to come and want to thank you for taking out time in your life to take this journey called life along with me!


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