He’s Phoney She’s Fake….

Those the type of people I hate. ….
Listen its a recession people….when you are down to your last dollar the most valuable thing that you have is your WORD. But it seems that as of late every word that comes out someone’s mouth, twitter, fb,bbm is a lie or some inflated version of the truth.

Let take it back to the days where keeping it real meant telling the truth and not false flagging to gain some sense of internet notariety or sick enjoyment out of the deception of people…

QUESTION TO MY READERS: Do you ever really know a person?

Seriously, I know people who date for years get married and then feel like they don’t know the person they married. Or a person finds themself in some kind of predicament and the people who they thought would support them in tough times were no where to be found….


Shout out to Swizzy and Jadakiss #musicmonday:


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